Where Adventure Meets Wellness

GRANOGI, We bring adventure to wellness and mindfulness to adventure, through partners in event creation, product development and more.

GRANOGI promotes and creates a lifestyle of outdoor adventure, connection, gratitude and growth with a desire to make a difference in the global wellness world.


We are your adventure brand tailored for the mindfulness enthusiast. That means gear and events for the outdoor loving yogi, meditation practitioner, essential oil connoisseur, holistic individual, and ALL those who seek for a connection with nature, self and others. Granogi exists to empower exploration of the vastly amazing world outside, as well as, the one that dwells inside of you.



We exist to make a difference

Our Mission: To Empower people through exploration


Our Vision: The world is connected, people contribute and live a life they love

Our Values: Integrity, Leadership, Adventure, Innovation, Kindness, and Growth