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Hurricane, Utah

Sat. May 11, 2019 9AM

With its warm, blue waters and red sandstone landscape, one of Utah’s newer state parks is also one of its most popular. Take your practice outdoors and connect with the sand, water, sun, and beautiful view! We will enjoy our outdoor practice on the South side of the reservoir along the shore. Look for a white Granogi Flag with the circle logo. P.S. If you're interested in SUP Boards for after yoga, they are available through Dig Paddle Sports. Pickup and return the board at Quail Creek. $50 for the day, using promo code GRANOGI. Reservations online: or by phone dial 435.467.9988.

Sand Hollow

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Jaechon Anderson

When I took my first yoga class over 5 years ago, I never could have fully foreseen the journey that it would end up taking me on. Raised as a dancer, I have always loved moving my body, and at first, I mostly thought of yoga as an amazing physical exercise. But as my practice steadily blossomed into a daily ritual, I realized more and more that yoga wasn't just stretching my body - it was a moving meditation that was stretching my heart and mind too. As your teacher, my hope is to provide you with a space to explore and expand your entire being and to guide you in integrating what you learn on the mat into your life off of the mat.

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Granogi creates the space for amazing things to happen so you can connect with nature. We offer a service that brings together yoga, mindfulness and the great outdoors! We'll introduce you to some of the most amazing places in our State. Join our group to connect, rejuvenate and explore. This is the best introductory State Park experience. All trips include, yoga and meditation activities.


Know someone who would love to come to our next gathering? Let them know by clicking the Facebook link below. We'd love to have you and your friends experience UTAH with us!


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