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If you use one of these...

Then you need one of these!!!

Active Engagement

Offer a unique in-person marketing technology and share your brand, marketing materials, contact information, website and more. We help you stand out by offering a powerful alternative to traditional In-person methods, with "active engagement".

Engagement Counts

Marketing, Reviews, Menu, connectivity, social media, website,  Venmo, SMS, and more. Share your message and make an impact. Together we can be a force for good. Your message becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Make a Difference

Choose a solution to enhance your marketing while expressing support for a good cause. Join us in creating lasting impressions, driving engagement, and supporting local causes together.

Tools for Success

We provide dedicated customer success and support. We'll assist you throughout the entire process, from discovery to implementation. That includes Tag deployment, encoding, training, and microsite if needed. We’re committed to your success.

Pocket Technology

Advanced technology in your pocket, activated by your phone's wireless payment reader. Works with iOS and Android. We host your digital card on an annual or monthly basis. 


We support the programing of your tags using this online form. Tags can be reprogramed multiple times with a monthly or annual hosting agreement.


Each tag is hosted on ShareTap. Hosting includes pre-programed tag and the ability to point to any destination of your choosing.

More Tags

We'll supply replacement card tags for the duration of the hosting agreement, up to 2 cards* per year. So, if you lose one or if it's damaged, we've got your back! *Excludes specialty designer cards

Best In-Person Marketing Technology

All tags are included with your hosting agreement. Get one card included with your account, Premium cards will be coming soon with awesome designs. We'll help you program it and focus on the goals you have in mind.


We also offer other programable tags that are single use and not re-programable. If you have a specific goal in mind, choose the best option below, and we'll promptly assist you in getting started. If you require additional time to explore use cases or want to discuss ideas, click here to schedule a brief call.

Personal or Business Card Tag


I love being able to share my website instantly with someone's phone at tradeshows. They get the information they need fast and makes my life way easier.

Joan R.   |  Sales Consultant


"I Belong To:" 1" Round Tag


What Sets Us Apart


Hosting Plans

We host your programable ShareTap in-person business card. Update as many times as you like. Point it to any platform you choose. 


Save 25% with an annual membership.

More In-Person Tags! Available Now.

Google Review

Get more reviews by having these tags displayed throughout your business. 

Venmo Account

Take this with you to your next booth or trade show. Attaches to your phone or wallet.

Learn More

Place these where your message needs to be displayed. Great for displays and museums.

Our Creative Founders.

ShareTap is dedicated to helping you share your message the best way possible. With technology becoming more and more integrated into products and services. We help you drive a bigger impact with your message by bringing it front and center, and with "Tap to Give Back" you can support causes that matter to your organization and customers.

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CEO / Founder



Former Fund Raiser for one of the largest worldwide nonprofit organizations, Eric brings his expertise to making an impact for both your clients and for the causes you support. 

Connect with Eric here.

Lead Designer



World Class designer representing execs at Adobe and other large organizations. She now brings her talents to ShareTap. Look for her amazing designs.

Sale / Support



Natural enthusiasm for life and connecting with people. Kalem brings his unstoppable desire to meet other people and help them find solutions that matter to them. 

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Share your brand instantly, no matter what system you use.

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