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Gear Wise, What to Bring!

To help with planning your trip to Havasupai, we've created a comprehensive packing list below, along with some links of the items we love to use and have found most useful for this trip. Remember there is a leave no trace policy so what you pack in you must take out. Plan accordingly, as you see fit. We recommend traveling light (under 35lbs) unless you're utilizing a pack animal. Different times of the year will require warmer gear. 

  • Backpack (30 liter or larger)

  • Smaller day pack to carry snacks and water

  • Water bladder (2 liter preferred)

  • Water bottle*at least 20oz, (something light)

  • Water filter not necessary. Clean spring water at campground but not on the trail

  • Flash light or headlamp & extra battery 

  • Pocket knife (small) 

  • Energy & trail snacks

  • Drink mix/Gatorade mix

  • Food, lunches, dinners, breakfasts*Dehydrated meals pack the lightest

  • Food available for purchase in Supai Village 2 miles from campground 

  • Cash $$ (for fry bread at camp or if you need to helicopter out $85)

  • Tin cup, bowl & utensils

  • Biodegradable soap

  • Trash bags *leave no trace rules

  • Toilet paper/wet wipes, as a precaution, bathrooms do have tp.

  • Sleeping pad *can be used as a float too! 

  • Tent or hammock

  • Ground cloth/tarp

  • Para-cord rope *to string up food away from aggressive squirrels 

  • Sleeping bag (Mostly needed in the cooler months)

  • Sleeping bag liner or sheet (suggested in warmer months)

  • Camping pillow *or put your clothes in a pillowcase to sleep on

  • Emergency poncho (watch the forcast)

  • Emergency space blanket or bivy sack

  • Extra Clothing, yoga or running clothes to wear

  • Granogi Towel (provided for you)

  • Swim wear & goggles

  • Extra Undergarments

  • Extra t-shirt

  • Extra socks

  • Wind breaker or jacket for colder months, April, May, early June, Sept, Oct.

  • Hiking shoes *Broke in hiking boots, I love trail running shoes

  • Water shoes

  • First aid kit with Moleskin/Second Skin

  • Bring plenty of Advil

  • Bug Spray (Benadryl pills/cream in case you get stung by something)

  • Waterproof sun screen 

  • Camera

  • Portable phone charger *maybe 2 if you are using your phone to take pictures 

  • Waterproof case for phone 

  • Hat or head scarf

  • Journal

***No Drones are allowed*** Tribe rules.

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