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Hike in Summary

This is a hike in description in preparation for your hike into Havasupai. To help facilitate an early start on the trail on Day One, your adventure will begin the day before as you travel to the Hualiapai Hilltop Parking Lot (aprox 5 hrs from Las Vegas). I like to travel on Thursday, but expect to spend the night sleeping next to your car. If comfort is important there are accommodations in Peach Springs a little over an hour away.


Hill Top is not the most comfortable place to stay the night, but it helps being close to the trail to get out early the next morning before the sun rises. In cooler months this won't be such a big concern. (Note: Be sure to grab dinner before you leave Peach Springs or bring something to enjoy for that evening.)  

For those who arrive on Friday, we encourage you to begin the hike down to the Supai Village before the sun comes up that morning. The trail to the village is 8 miles long and takes about 3-4 hours to hike. It's a bit rough to start, as you descend from the hilltop into the valley below. There are steep switch backs the first mile.

For the next 5 miles, you'll hike through soft gravel as you traverse the river bottom. Occasionally, you'll find the trail veer up the sides of the gravel, leading you to firmer ground that may seem a bit easier to walk on.  

As you near the Havasu Creek, about mile 6, you'll notice steep red rock canyon walls and in the distance lots of cottonwood trees and wonderful shade. You're getting closer, so keep it up!

Soon you'll arrive to the outer part of the village and begin to see fences and other buildings in the distance. A favorite place to stop is the small convenience store on the left of the trail that serves food and offers some snacks and groceries along with a favorite for most visitors, frozen Gator-aid!

Next stop is the Supai Travel Office, located in the Supai Village. It's a small building on the left of the road just before the helipad. You will stop here to sign your waiver and receive your wristband and t-shirt, along with any other tickets needed to gain access to the campground and associated areas.

Now that you're all set, continue down the road past the helipad. Keep your eye out for another store on the right, which sells groceries, including some produce, and will be the last place to buy any food. Frozen Gator-aid is a must, and is also available here.  

Continue following the dirt road through the middle of town. Eventually, you'll turn left as you approach a church directly ahead of you, just past the elementary school. Continue down this road and watch for signs pointing to the campground, just 2 miles away!

As you continue the 2 mile walk, you'll know you're close as you come upon the rushing sound of Little Navajo Falls on your left. Just up stream and around the bend from these falls in another gorgeous waterfall named 50 Foot Falls. You'll want to come back to visit these falls. Continue your journey down, where you'll cross a bridge. Shortly after, you'll begin to descend past the spectacular view of Havasu Falls. Feel free to take a break and explore a bit or keep on going to the campground entrance.  

By now, a few pack animal trains with gear should have passed by. Hopefully, your gear will have arrived at the entrance of camp before you.

Once you arrive at the entrance, you'll see a small building on the left. That building is the ranger's station and they will be looking for wristbands as you enter and exit the camp. If you need minor help, we can offer you supplies and support. If there were a major problem, we would check with the ranger and call for first aid appropriate to your medical need. 

Once your gear has arrived, grab your bags and set up camp. Camp sites are first come first served.  Take a walk a little further down the trail and find a place that you'll love. Restroom facilities are located on each end of camp and several in between.

Water is located on the left side of the canyon facing down stream, just a short walk from the ranger station. Watch for signs that will point your way to the spring.  The water is amazing and very refreshing!  Be sure to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration in the summer heat.  

Once you've settled into camp, be sure to enjoy Havasu Creek, the waterfalls and explore the area. Detailed schedules will be updated often and are available at the event registration page! 

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