Havasupai Adventures, Coming Back Hopefully!




Entrance to Havasupai Reservation on our Group Permit

All fees included

4 Days 3 Nights in Havasupai


All scheduled activities including:​​

Visits to all Waterfalls

Downstream on day 2

Up Stream on day 3

Yoga classes on most trips

Fun Night Activities, Games

Connect with other amazing human beings


Swag Care Package

Sponsored Items as available

T-Shirt to Remember your trip

Gear for use: ​​

We have a base camp setup, first aid kit, 

5 Gallon water container for washing with bucket and soap

Additional Granogi Gear for purchase:

YogiMini Outdoor Yoga Mat

Additional Granogi T-Shirts

Outdoor Adventure Yoga Towel

Additional Items Not Included:​

Baggage transportation service, 1 bag round trip 35 lb weight limit ($TBD additional charge)

Rideshare from McCarran Airport Las Vegas ($135 round trip)

Rent Camping Gear, Sleeping bags, sleeping pad, and tents

(Contact us for availability, Costs Vary).

†Only on certain trips as available. Availability depends on Tribal Elder's schedule.

We will let you know which trips will have this opportunity.

But most likely all of them will have some visitor from the tribe to bless and be with our group! 

Tenative Schedule



9pm -11pm:

Arrive at Hualapai Hilltop parking lot, to camp out and to be ready to check in on Day 1. 



4am - 8am

Depending on the season. Hotter months we will leave earlier.


Check in with our Guide and Team Members at Hill Top Parking Lot and begin your hike into Supai

(If you plan on leaving earlier or later, please let us know in advance. Look for our Granogi flag and come see us at our vehicle. We look forward to seeing you at the top.) (Also bring 2 liters of water for the hike. There is water at camp.)

9am - 1pm: 

Check in at Tourist Office using our Official Permit #. Retrieve your wrist band from the Tourist Office.

(If Rangers on the trail ask about permits, let them know you are with Granogi.)

2pm - 5pm:

Set up camp

Free time.

5pm - 7pm:

Gather for dinner* at Granogi main camp with Meet & Greet!


Quiet time, lights out.



6am - 7am: 

Sunrise Yoga 


8:30am - 9am:

Get ready to go hiking!


9am - 5pm:

Hike down to Mooney Falls & Beaver Falls (Bring lunch and snacks with you, also 2 liters of water)



Arrive back to camp to rest up 


5pm - 6pm: 

Dinner* gathering at Granogi main camp



Possible yoga or mediation class


8pm - 10pm:

Gathering at Granogi main camp & Free Time



Quiet time, Lights out!



6am - 7am:

Sunrise Yoga 


8:30am - 9am:

Get ready to go hiking!


9am - 3pm:

Hike up to Fifty Foot Falls Falls, Navajo Falls, Rock Falls, Hidden Falls maybe and then back to Havasu Falls.

(Bring lunch and snacks with you, also 2 liters of water)


4pm - 6pm:

Arrive back at camp

7pm - 8pm: 

Sunset Yoga 

8pm - 10pm:

Dinner* gathering at Granogi main camp & Free Time


Quiet time, Lights out!



4am - 6am:

Packup & Hike out

(If you are planning on flying out leave early to secure your place in line. Flights begin between 9 and 10am, first come, first served.)


11am -1pm:

Arrive at Hilltop Parking lot, load up and head home.


*Dinner is not included at this event. A meal option may become available on a trip by trip basis. So please plan to bring your meals.

**This schedule is a suggestion and not necessarily fixed in anyway. Every trip to Havasupai is it's own distinct new adventure.


More Information

Granogi creates the space for amazing things to happen so you can connect with nature. We'll help you visit one of the most amazing places in the Grand Canyon! Join our group to connect, to rejuvenate and to discover what it's like to be on a true adventure. This is the ultimate waterfall experience. For those more advanced hikers and campers it's your choice to stay with our group or to venture on your own. Either way we're there to help create your adventure. 


Granogi offers a service that makes it easy and enjoyable. We take away the headache of trying to get reservations, by having guaranteed group permits with a variety of dates available. We want to make your trip easier and more relaxing. Almost all trips include, free yoga or other wellness activities by the waterfalls. Some trips include a special visit and blessing from a Native Elder.

Granogi is the world's first outdoor adventure brand tailored for the mindfulness enthusiast and engineered to empower exploration.

Be sure to visit some of our amazing sponsors below. You'll receive a sample from them on or before your trip. We appreciate their contribution as well!