Can I get in to Havasupai by my self?

Yes! We strongly encourage that and you most definitely can! If you join our mailing list we'll be sure to send out a reminder to get on the phone to request permits. The number to call for camping permits is: (928) 448-2180 or (928) 448-2237 (928) 448-2141 or (928) 448-2121 Reservation lines are open from 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. on Monday through Friday. But they begin taking reservations on February 1st for the new year.

Why should I visit Havasupai with a Licensed Guide?

Granogi is a licensed guide with the Supai Tribe and we have built a great relationship with the tribe. As a licensed guide, we give back on a whole different level. About one fourth of all reservations goes to adventure guides like Ganogi. Of those 350 spots available roughly 73 of them are lead by a guiding company. The value that comes from being with a guide is that we are trained in first aid and how to spot early signs of an emergency. We are also knowledgeable about the terrain and area. We know the fun secret places and will take you to the safest spots. Additionally, our fees support the tribe with more revenue so they can protect their lands, and animals. Like any adventure there's never a guarantee, but if you listen to a guide you'll decrease your risk of injury and increase the amount of fun and safety as you journey down into the village and campgrounds.

Why does Granogi offer Ticket Insurance?

We believe that peace of mind is far better accomplished when we include a service like ticket insurance for our guests. We are working with TicketGuardian Event Insurance to supply our guest the insurance they need to feel secure with their purchase. You can visit their site for details on the insurance policy and how to redeem that policy.


How do I become an exhibitor at the Granogi Fest?

To become an exhibitor at one of our local Granogi Festivals. Click this link and submit the form. We will be in touch shortly to discuss your service or product. Thank you for your interest in sharing with the Granogi Community.

Where is the Granogi Gratitude Festival Going?

We are taking the amazing Gratitude Festival and making it a stand alone event and organization. We want to take the amazing community event out to the world and out for the local community to create the way they want. Future information about the festival can be found at www.TheGratitudeFestival.com.



Where does the word Granogi come from?

Granogi is the combination of Granola or someone who loves the outdoors and a yogi. Basically, we love the outdoors and all the ways to connect with nature! This includes all sorts of methods of getting outside and connecting, be it yoga, meditation, rock climbing, nature therapy, snowboarding and a whole lot more. So basically, it’s a creation stemmed from our way of being, and now it is a term used to describe outdoor adventurists who love connecting with nature, with people, with themselves!


Why is Granogi deciding to make gear and not pursue events?

We have found that there is a need for amazing gear for the outdoor loving yogi. We are out to create that gear and use our organization to support amazing events that get people outside and into mindfulness. That's why